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So many Internet Dining Guides are just phone book listings of restaurants. The Internet allows so much more than just a listing like phone book. The staff at offers a place where diners and restaurateurs can interact. We offer a website where the public and restaurant management both add to a restaurant’s listing.

Step 1
Someone has to get the ball rolling. Either a diner or a restaurant owner/manager may add a restaurant to

Step 2
The staff at posts a little info about the restaurant. The restaurant’s  name, address, phone number, image, a map and some text.

Step 3
The restaurant’s manager occasionally posts about new menu items, special offers, special events and news about the restaurant. The manager may include links to pages on their website.

Step 4
The diners who have eaten at the restaurant rate the restaurant, up to 5 Stars.  5 Stars being the best.

Step 5
The diners who have eaten at the restaurant post comments/reviews about their dining experience.

What starts out as a small, simple post about a restaurant evolves into an interactive, informative web page about a particular restaurant.


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