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Seafood Market Restaurant – Mesa AZ

2012 East Valley Tribune BEST SEAFOOD OF THE VALLEY WINNER!!Only the Highest Quality Fresh Fish Every Day

We are a Full Service Restaurant and Market Cocktails, Beer, and Wine Available

Welcome to the Seafood Market Restaurant in Mesa. This isn’t a chain. In 1991 when we opened the Seafood Market Restaurant in Mesa, including our over-the-counter fresh-seafood market, we knew that serving quality seafood required the highest standards of purchasing, preparing, and serving. And we believe, even today, that this is best accomplished by local people – your neighbors – not by large, out-of-town corporations, however well intentioned. Our bottom line hasn’t been and never will be quantity.

Seafood Market Restaurant - Mesa AZ
Seafood Market Restaurant
Restaurant Name(bold)
Seafood Market Restaurant
3406 East Baseline Road
Mesa, AZ 85204
(480) 633-1580

We don’t buy boatloads of fish and shellfish, and our daily buying decision so crucial to your enjoyment, underlie our quality guarantee. All of our fish is fresh, and it’s never thawed, fishy or bony. We buy fresh fish everyday, and we only buy the best. We call this “buying from the top of the boat”, in short, the last to be caught should be the first to be bought. And because we’re here in the desert and not on the coast, we’ve developed buying patterns not entirely dependent on the Pacific catch: If we see fresh, affordable seafood from inland or other coastal waters, we buy it. Similarly, we’ve learned to buy quality, farm-raised fish such as our catfish, trout and others. Buying farm-raised avoids some of the quality differences that can occur when buying off the boats.

New Times called us the Valley’s “Best Seafood Restaurant” in 1991 , and 1993, and the Arizona Republic similarly honored us in 1992. January 2000, the Arizona Republic food critics honored us with a four-star rating. Most recently, 2012 East Valley Tribune BEST SEAFOOD OF THE VALLEY WINNER!! But all of us at the Seafood Market and Restaurant are committed to success everyday. We know that the only meal you’re interested in is the one we’re serving to you and your family right now. And that’s always the one we want to be the most memorable at our Seafood Market Restaurants.

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